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ref date:2 Jul 2002 (econ)
Crofters take stand against Scottish landowners
Many crofters would dearly love to buy themselves out of the feudal system that keeps their land and homes under the control of Scottish landed gentry (many of whom inherited this land from ancestors who acquired it by selling out their country to the English in 1707).

The rich landowners want to discredit the abilities of crofters to go it alone, in the same way as Westminster instills fear and promotes lies on its controlled media that Scotland can't go it alone, as an independent nation. It's a symptom of the same bad attitude that Westminster promotes to keep Scotland in line and under its control.

The Assynt crofters trust has been attacked by the (apparently pro feudal-Westminster) Crofting Counties Fishing Rights Group (CCFRG). The CCFRG denies this saying "(We)I know of no such campaign against Assynt, but it is extremely worrying if the dam does not have proper provision for migratory fish.". This refers to Assynts management of a river through their land.

Robert Balfour,( Fuedal system supporter?) convener of the Scottish Land Owners' Federation, said he knew of no campaign either. "We certainly would distance ourselves from anyone trying to denigrate any of the community buyouts."