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ref date:23 Feb 2000 (CD)
Smacking a child does not make you a bad parent

There are occasions when children DO get so out of hand, that no amount of explaining, talking or loving care will prevent a child from doing something ELSE that is socially unacceptable. On these RARE occassions a clip round the ear or hand applied to the backside can work wonders!

Schools have become dangerous places for children and teachers alike since corporal punishment was stopped. Children feel they can do what they want, when they want and suffer NO consequences.

Is this the attitiude we want them to have when they reach teenage years and as young adults?


There are boundaries and children should realise this.

If the law changes and parents feer legal action over every reining in of a wayward child, we'll end up with a society like that in the USA.

No discipline. No respect. Gang violence. The "Me" society. No place for the next generation of children.