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ref date:21 Apr 1999 (ECON)
Salmond highlights his hopes for Scotland in London club

Alex Salmond speaking to an exclusive audience of "London Gentlemen" made an impassioned speech highlighting his hopes for the Scots, balancing trade, business and social justice.

He said :

"Over a hundred years ago, Scotland was the richest country in the world, with a strong entrepreneurial economy. A century before, Adam Smith had laid down the theory, which Scots were to prove adept at in practice.

"But this was a dynamic economy that had one eye firmly on social welfare. Our success was not purely financial, as we also invested in what was the best education system in the world Ö

"If we have been successful once, we can be successful again. And if we have once used our wealth to benefit our people, then we can do that again."

The David Hume institute has said Scotland would be better off free once more! Mr Salmond went on to say
"Those sentimentalists who argue for the Union never explain why Scotland has done do badly. I think itís time for Scotland to do better, better for all its people."

"Over recent decades we have seen a decline in both enterprise and compassion. And our democracy has become tarnished too Ö Though the powers of Holyrood are limited, we can begin to rebuild Scotland as a dynamic, caring society."