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ref date:17 Sep 1998 (ECON)
SNP and right wing economist push tax cuts

The SNP and a famous right wing US economist, Professor Arthur Laffer, have agreed publically that making deep cuts in the rates of corporation tax in an independent Scotland would really help boost the Scottish economy and attract even more foreign investors.

Prof Laffer wrote: "I agree with your (Alex Salmond)position regarding a lower corporation tax rate for Scotland. The success of Ireland makes your point perfectly. Not only has Ireland experienced rapid growth but tax revenues were way up, even with lower tax rates. A lower tax rate for Scotland would work miracles."

SNP, this is laudable. This will help dispel disinformation and downright lies coming from London.

You can hear the rustling already in the coffers of oil and gas multinationals, but if they invest in Scotland, we DONT need to levy the punitive taxes on them that Westminster punishes these multinationals with.

Of course the SNP musn't then just give grants to anyone who wants to invest in Scotland, look at the episode with WANG in Stirling years ago when they took millions in grants and then walked, or more recently with Hyundai in Fife.

Just how the DTI intends to hamstring this will become clear, their usual aim is to hive off the most lucrative companies for Southern English investment.