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ref date:19 Sep 2002 (si)
SNP MUST heed the warnings over its softly softly approach
There are few things worse than politicians who get so fixated on appealing to every possible elector that they lose sight of what they stand for.

Blair has done this. Smoke screens rise from all angles to make everyone believe he is their salvation, rather than the destructive influence on life he really represents.

The Scottish National Party is, unfortunately heading down a similar road under John Sweeney.

In a tunnel visioned attempt to not 'alienate' or marginalise voters or so called business leaders the SNP will not just say 'To hell with this useless parliament. To hell with the so called UK. WE CAN GO IT ALONE OURSELVES. WE CAN BE AN E.U. STATE. We will be successful'.

Now they (the SNP) are losing members who just see the SNP leadership appealing to mediocrities, the middle way, the soft options.

Scotland needs blunt, direct and aggresive moves from the SNP who categorically state that independence is the ONLY way forward for Scotland and that European membership is also essential.

If the SNP does not do this, it will wither and along with the hopes of a nation of Scots in Scotland and abroad who long for the day they will control their own destiny.

The five notables who have now defected to the Scottish socialist party are Alex Gallacher, formerly of Pollok SNP, Evelyn McKechnie of Shettleston SNP, and Isabel Melville, John Thomson and Bill Taggart, all from Baillieston SNP.