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ref date:18 Jan 1999 (CD)
SNP to calm Englands nerves over Scottish independence

The SNP are to give a number of lectures in England aimed at soothing the nerves of businessmen who have believed Blairs lie that Scotland in independence would be a bad thing.

The lectures are to be named the St Andrew's Series. The climax of the tour will be Alex Salmonds address to the London School of Economics (that well known and level headed institution...)

George Reid, the SNP spokesman for external affairs, will begin the St Andrew's Series with an address to foreign newspaper correspondents in London on 2 February.

Mr Salmond said last night: "A wealth of polling illustrates that Scotland is on a process of independence. The purpose of the St Andrew's Series is to take the SNP's positive case to a wider audience. "It reinforces our commitment to good neighbourliness with our friends south of the Border and elsewhere in these islands and a partnership based on equality in Europe."