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ref date:9 Jul 1998 (WBA)
Oil companies threatened by Labour

Tony Blairs 'New Labour' party are doing their best to alienate the multinational oil companies that operate in Scottish waters by threatening to raise petroleum tax to raise more revenue for Westminsters hair brained year 2000 schemes no doubt.

Oil industry leaders have said this could cost up to 50,000 jobs in Scotland and England.

Of course it is in Blairs interest to scare monger like this. After all, Scotland will need its oil revenue during and AFTER devolution.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) should make a public deal NOW with the oil industry saying it will at least reverse ANY increase in petroleum tax Labour imposes.

In fact, the SNP could promise a TAX CUT to big oil, should the industry get behind Scotlands move towards its well deserved and long overdue independence from London.

That'll make Blair panic!