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ref date:10 Mar 2000 (WBA)
Blair expects Scots to STAY his dumb slaves

In Blairs speech to the Scottish 'parliament' he complained that the Scots first asked for a parliament, were given one, and now seemed to hate it. At least the Scottish press were said to hate it.

That Blair is because its a sham and waste of taxpayers money

We want our freedom back - this parliament if just a joke to keep the dumb labour Scots voter happy

Blairs exact words were "In years gone by, I can recall coming to Scotland, visit after visit, and being told by the Scottish press that I didn't believe in a Scottish Parliament and therefore would never deliver it. It's a little disappointing to see the same journalists, who displayed such a passion to see the parliament established, now appearing to show an equal passion for knocking it down."

We can only wish your party and Westminster would be hit by a large asteroid.....