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ref date:24 Apr 2003 (eur)
US needs to be sanctioned by ENTIRE EU NOW
How dare the USA threaten a member EU state with ANY kind of retaliation for supporting the UN and NOT SUPPORTING the illegal action of the US and UK governments for using terrorism before, during and after its invasion of Iraq.

US secretary powell was questioned about Frances position and said this:

Asked if France would face consequences for its anti-war position, he said: "Yes," but did not elaborate. In Washington, Ari Fleischer, the presidential spokesman, sought to adopt a softer tone, pointing out the "common values" between America and France. But, he added: "It has put a strain on the relationship and that's a consequence that was paid."

The European parliament MUST speak with one voice now. We are NOT subject to US law but to international law (UK and Spain included).

We are NOT US states, but sovereign powers who will decide our position independently of whatever the US administration choses to do in its misguided and illegal foreign policy.

The EU should vote on:

  • Buy all oil in Euros , not US $ to punish the US for its interference
  • Prevent ANY EU bank extending credit to US businesses
  • Close ALL US bases across Europe
  • Work to shutdown NATO and establish a EuroForce under European parliamentary control

    How dare the US even suggest they have ANY right to punish anyone. Perhaps they would like to invade France and liberate its people from its anti-US government. After all, if you dont agree with what Washington says you are de facto a terrorist...

    But France is NOT Iraq, France is ABLE to defend itself using Nuclear technology......

    And Scotland has to do as Westminster says and gets tarred with the same filthy brush as London. Another reason to distance ourselves from Westminster, which looks more and more like another office of the Pentagon.