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ref date:29 Jan 2003 (si)
Southern England pilfers cash from Scottish children
The long-awaited Communities Plan, to be unveiled by John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, will delight developers by paving the way for some of the biggest housebuilding and transport projects since the second world war. However, critics say it will exacerbate the north-south divide.

It plans to build big walls to help protect London and the SouthEast from flooding as global warming destroys the ice shelves (thanks to our GREAT American friends....) and expand roads, bridges and more fun things in London - whilst Scottish children have no schools, poor medical care and Scots continue believing this lying scum in Westminster offers anything but false hopes for the future.

What does it take for the idiot Scots voter to SAY NO to Westminster?

How dumb are they?

I'm Scottish and getting more ashamed to say so as my countrymen just sell out and bury their heads in the sand. Perhaps DEAD Scots coming back in another English fermented war in Iraq will help them wake up?