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ref date:16 Nov 2001 (CD)
Labours spin doctors and political aides suck cash from broke Labour

John Hougham, a senior Labour party official, argues that the 30%+ pay rises to party big-wigs in labour and to its team of spin doctors is prefectly justifiable even though Labour is millions in the red after the general election.

The Labour party agreed to give Mr Blair 500,000 a year for the salaries of his political aides.

The document outlining the reasons for the raises states "The use of secondees from outside and the close working relationship with civil servants in some circumstances creates an awareness of the relative lowness of Labour party rates. The current salary position of the general secretary has been called into question by the placing of the political secretary to the prime minister (Robert Hill, head of the No 10 political office) on a salary of 65,000. This is in excess of 15,000 above the current stated band rate, and just over 10,000 above the current stated rate for the general secretary."

Not much comfort their for the poor Scottish worker on Clydeside is there? But then again, if that Clyde worker keeps voting for his country to be subjugated by Westminster who is to blame?