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ref date:14 Jan 2001 (SI)
McLeish spins out of control

Having been burnt to a crisp by Tony Blair for even suggesting that Scotland has a 'government' rather than a do-as-London-tells-you executive, Henry McLeish plans to waste tax payers money on a road show, a royal progress of sorts to try and make the plethora of feeble minded pro Scottish-English union idiots feel they have not 'been had'.

NO amount of spin can conceal the fact the Scots have been short changed, and they may as well NOT spend another penny of the new parliament as it will only house a collection of Labour retards who will execute Londons will on the Scots as London has done for almost 3 centuries now.

McLeish should be a Scotsman and stand down from labour and with the SNP, then even I'd vote for him because he'd be backing Scotlands interests and NOT Londons.