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ref date:24 Aug 2000 (CD)
Cell phone spying by government illegal and achieves nothing

Plans being considered by Whitehall to snoop on thousands if not millions of simultaneous cell phone calls to look for evidence of crime are an invasion of our privacy.

Whats more, the reason touted by this invasive Orwellian Whitehall and pushed by Mr Blair is that it would help reduce the likelihood of serious crimes being committed (like snooping illegaly on emails).

The fact that in August 1998 the IRA used borrowed cell phones to plan the Omagh bomb that killed 29 people and injured 200 others shows what a pile of farcical doggy doo the idea is.

Any criminal who wanted to arrive and carry out his drug deal or bomb-swap would rent a cell Phone with a stolen credit card or steal one from the recharging socket of some well healed persons range rover.....the government could hardly track this real time and stop a crime.

So tell them to stop snooping on your privacy and (as of October 1st this year) breaking the European Convention on Human rights.