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ref date:22 Jan 2001 (SI)
We stand for Scotland SNP

The SNP slogan for the general election, the process that returns MPs to Westminster (rather than MSPs to Holyrood) is to be 'We stand for Scotland'.

John Swinney the SNP leader said "SNP MPs sent to Westminster will stand up for Scotland in everything. We have no split loyalties, doing what London whips tell us. Our interests are first, foremost, and always the best interests of the people of Scotland. Only our MPs can protect Scotland from the kind of stupid and unjust policies that London has imposed."

This is why Alex Salmond has given up his seat. He knows how to handle Londons lies about the Scots - we DEMAND our independence, that's what Blair is going to have to deal with, no compromises, no retreats - and to hell with the failed experiment called 'devolution'.