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ref date:17 Sep 2002 (si)
Scottish children suffer under yoke of poverty
A report from York University and the charity "save the children", a long established and well respected organisation in Scotland and England, has revealed the terrible poverty endured by tens of thousands of Scotlands children. The problem is, along with England, the WORST in Europe.

The highest concentration across a council area is in Glasgow, where 58 per cent of the children live in poverty, the sixth worst in the "UK".

Susan Elsley, assistant director of Save the Children Scotland, said: "Children are facing huge inequalities and there is still a long way to go to tackle this problem. It is impossible to imagine how the Scottish Executive can reach those most in need without detailed monitoring of children's well-being."

The Scottish national party spokesman on young people, Michael Russell, said: "Tackling child poverty is now one of the priorities of Scottish society, as the Executive's promises once again appear to be hollow."

Remember that Scotland is a WEALTHY country, generating large revenues from Whisky, oil, gas, high technology (even in this market) and finance. And yet, the so called parliament in Edinburgh continues to let cash flow freely down to London/Westminster where it is NEVER seen again North of the border.

These spineless curs in the labour party are traitors to their fellow Scots and should be ashamed that all they can do is as London TELLS them.

Suffer the children: Westminster does not care, Labour does not care- an independent Scotland WOULD care.