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ref date:23 Jan 2002 (HEA)
Scots children starving and London doesn't care

A report from leading children charity in Scotland (NCH)reported these shocking statistics this week. It revealed that nearly 20% of children attending the Sick Children's Hospital in Glasgow have shown signs of malnutrition, and that 10,000 children and young people are affected by the imprisonment of a parent.

While the problems are spread throughout the country, with 46,000 multiply-deprived and 2500 severely deprived households in rural Scotland, they are most apparent in Glasgow, where 42% of children under 16 live in families dependent on income support(social security). The figure for Scotland as a whole is 25%.

Remembering that Scotland is a wealthy country, where is the wealth gone? Where it has ALWAYS gone, to coffers in London to fund Westminster.

These same poor families often vote Labour also, so they will perpetuate the problem until the country VOTES FOR THE SNP and independence. Then Scots will care for Scots and not every tom, dick and harry.