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ref date:7 Nov 2000 (HEA)
NHS monies stolen by Labour in Scotland for bribe use

Plans to move Scotlands council housing stock into 'community' (for that read private management) care have been accelerated as cash has been siphoned out of Scottish health care and spent by pro-London, anti-Scottish Labour.

Community Care Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "The health budget is already under-funded, and it is an appalling decision to further erode NHS resources. The 44m should have been used to help remove NHS Trust debts instead of being reallocated. By the Health Minister's own figures, 44m would provide more than 500 additional doctors and more than 1000 specialist nurses. During the summer it emerged that 34m had been taken from the health budget and diverted into other areas, so it is astonishing that Susan Deacon has, once again, allowed a significant chunk of the health budget to be reallocated," she said.