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ref date:31 Jan 2001 (ECON)
Rural Scotland - deprived and depressed

After ordering a report into the state of the rural Scottish economy, the London controlled Scottish Labour executive looks set to throw its findings in the bin as they are too 'glum'.

Apparently the TRUTH is too much for Ross Finnie, minister, who wanted a glossy, pink, bouncing Blair of a picture of people living gloriously in Scotlands hinterlands.

What emerged is what we already kew as the product of decades if not centuries of neglect under Westminsters guiding influence. High unemployment, populations migrating away, farm closures and young folk with no hope of a future unless they move to central Scotland or down South.

Its a 21st century clearance of the Scottish country side, promoted by the idiots in Scotland who insist on voting for Labour and hence Londons colonial hand on our heart. 300 years of sheep introduction has left many Scots voters like their wooly counterparts it seems - with the herding mentality, believe all London tells you because it comes from Scottish sounding LABOUR mouths.