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ref date:9 Mar 2001 (WBA)
Scottish Executive proves its unworthy to lead Scotland

The Scottish Executive (for that read the collection of half-wits who take their orders from London) have decided they will IGNORE a democratic majority vote in the Scottish 'parliament' that threw their half-baked plans to save to Scottish fishing industry from total collapse out in the bin.

Henry McLeish , that well known Blairite said he'd basically do as he saw fit- so much for a democracy. This 'parliament' needs to be destroyed and put in the trash can of history and be replaced by a government (not an executive) of an INDEPENDENT Scotland, headed by people who are their for Scotlands interests NOT 'the interests of the UK'.

John Swinney, the leader of the Scottish Nationalists said : "The government's position is untenable. Parliament has spoken - the government was defeated in three separate votes. Ministers are honour-bound to introduce a compensated tie-up scheme for the Scottish fishing industry. If the first minister is a democrat, and a man who wishes to be taken at his word, then he must honour his commitment of January 25 that he would not defy the will of Scotland's parliament