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ref date:20 Nov 2000 (CD)
Trident missile shoot down Tommy Sheridan

In a peaceful demonstration against the illegal Trident missile system based on Scottish soil (as London says it necessary) at Faslane, Tommy Sheridan refused to move his body from the gates when asked to do so by a Bobby doing his job.

Now Sheridan has a few days to pay a 250 pound fine ($400) for 'breach of the peace' or spend 14 days in prison.

So much for democracy, and whose peace are we Scots and Tommy protecting,not ours but the Americans and Londons. We Scots NEVER voted for Trident, it was a Tory party waste of money and abomination.

The SNP will scrap the costly trident system and all US bases that make Scotland a target for those who hate the USA and London, why should we be targets for them? The Scots should join the European standing force that is coming into play instead. After all, NATO and the UN are too influenced by the USA and London to make any rational decisions.