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ref date:6 Jan 2003 (econ)
SNP stub out Labours holier than thou image
The SNP have entered the race for the last year of the 4 year term (more like a sentence on Scotland) of Scotlands pseudo parliament showing Jack McConnell being stubbed out like a cigarette.

The Scots REALLY need to kick the Labour/Westminster habit

Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP's shadow health minister, said the controversy surrounding McConnell's constituency party accounts, as well as the Officegate affair which led to his predecessor Henry McLeish's downfall as first minister, proved that Labour was no longer fit for government.

She said: "Since 1997 Scotland has been run by a party that has consistently let us down, that is more preoccupied with sleaze than with sorting out Scotland's problems," she said.

"Labour in Scotland has been in power for so long that it thinks it can do what it wants and is accountable to nobody and while they keep their stranglehold on public life, Scotland will be held back."

Labour, who slammed Alex Salmonds character, during the Kosovo debacle said of the anti labour poster: "This kind of personality politics has to end if there is to be any prospect of increasing voter turnout at the next election. One thing Labour will not be doing is getting involved in personal attacks."

SURE: An Labour pigs don't fly DO THEY?