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ref date:12 Aug 2000 (EDU)
Poorer students must stay at home during university years

Ask any student what they enjoyed most about Univeristy and they'll say, passing the exams and the freedom of being away from home helping them to establish their identity and values.

In years gone by many left home and started their first jobs. Now many realise that even with the graduate tax that if they dont get a degree their chances of succeeding in an increasingly technological world are sorely diminished - so they grin and work and face years of debt after graduation just in the hope of betterment.

However, leaving home was part of the story. Now it seems that poorer students are having to stay at home with parents and be denied the full freedom to grow that university offers simply because they cannot afford to pay for digs and hence increase their post graduation debts.

It almost seems like these people are having a basic human right denied them. In years gone by, full grants JUST offered enough cash to get a student digs and housing benefit and part time jobs out of semester (terms) kept body and soul alive.

It seems that this part of the hope and dream has died as Nu-Labours vision of opening up higher education is only COMPLETELY true for those wealthy enough to enjoy it.