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ref date:10 Jul 2001 (CD)
Riots in England linked to poverty?

There have been many small and larger scale riots in the good old "UK" in the past few weeks. Some maintain it's all about race, some maintain it's all about 'thugs' and the British National Party and others maintain its about the ever deepening divide between the few Rich and many poor spawned in the Thatcher years and encouraged by Tony Blairs right wing selfish policies.

The so called "UK" Home secretary (Secretary of state) said "The message must be unequivocal and unwavering - whatever the debate about alienation and disaffection, attacking the police, destroying the wellbeing of the local community and playing into the hands of organised groups will simply not be tolerated"

There will be some who are exploiting the situation to be sure, but in a country where the rich keep on getting richer and the poor die on hospital waiting lists, something is very, very WRONG.