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ref date:20 Sep 1999 (ECON)
SNP leader wants to keep back tax cut to fund Public services

Alex Salmond, the SNP leader was commenting on the debate about keeping the 1p in the pound tax cut away from the pockets of the Scottish consumer and using it instead to REALLY fund public services. Mr Salmond said of John Swinneys remarks : "John’s certainly right – we’re right in terms of the policy because I think UK politics is becoming a Dutch auction as to who is going to lower income tax the most, whether it’s Tory or new Labour and who is going to destroy public services most. The SNP wants no part of that. We’re a social democratic party – we believe in income tax for properly funded public services."

Given that the Tories all but wiped out public services in Scotland and that Nu-Labour is doing less to help public services than any government since the war, perhaps Mr Salmond is right!

However, the Scots want proof absolute that we are subsidising Westminster- Mr Salmond, where is the evidence, please please make London release the figures so the Scots can see the lie they have believed for decades!