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ref date:18 Sep 1998 (SI)
SNP promote tax cuts at big business London dinner

Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National party stated at a dinner last night that
"Increasingly the argument for the Union is rooted in prejudice. It is an emotional argument which, when stripped to its core, amounts to a sentiment for the past. It has been allowed to stand in the way of progress for too long. It must not be allowed to smother the hope of another generation of Scots."


"The CBI in Scotland adopted the rather odd position of being opposed to any cut in corporation tax unless it was UK-wide. I suppose there are other countries with business organisations that favour high taxes. Perhaps CBI Scotland will tell us who they are. Until that time we are faced with arguments of prejudice and emotion."

The truth here is obvious, an independent Scotland could and will sustain a strong economy without penalising companies, Westminster needs to face up to this and not go spreading fear in Scotland!