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ref date:12 Nov 2000 (ECON)
SNP want greater control over Scottish taxation

John Swinney, the new leader of the SNP in Scotland is hinting strongly that although the SNP will re-affirm its goal of full Scottish independence at some point, that it wants more immediate control over all aspects of taxation on matters 'devolved' to the Scottish parliament e.g. fuel taxes and road taxes.

Many Scots seem aware they are being short changed over many matters regarding devolution but seem incapable of making the logical jump to the conclusion that London does not want to see Scotland in charge of its own destiny and therein lies the saddest story of modern Western democracy at the moment.

Although John Reid, a true pro London man has said the devolution act is cast in stone, even McLeish with his limited capacity has said " Scotland was only scratching the surface of devolution".

Lets see what happens when the SNP put pressure on whether we see the pro Scots-English Union McLeish or the SCOTSMAN McLeish, I suspect the former personality will reassert itself as Labour is LONDONS TOOL OVER SCOTLAND.