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ref date:18 Mar 1999 (ECON)
Labour thinks SNP tax policy will drive voters to Labour

Labours Gordon Brown said "People are becoming increasingly worried and feel they cannot trust the SNP on tax, business or jobs. Any party that produces a policy on tax that does not recognise that one quarter of a million businesses are affected does not deserve to be regarded as competent"

This from the man whose Nu-Labour party have wrecked so much of Scottish small business this year, who have left the Salmon industry to go broke, whilst pouring money into the hands of sheep and cattle farmers in Southern England who poisoned the entire food chain!

The SNP quite rightly will not pass the 1% income tax cut on, they will keep the money and spend it in Scotland on the Scots.The Liberals understand this and are more likely to cooperate with the SNP than Labour should it come to that.

The SNPs John Swinney said "Scotland's hospitals and schools are in desperate need of resources. New Labour in Scotland have spent 211 million pounds less on schools than Michael Forsyth did and money for health has been thrown at New Labour's election pledge of reducing waiting lists at the expense of other areas.
It is therefore no wonder that our candidates have had a great response from Scots who are happy to have their income tax frozen at its present rate and see that money - 690 million pounds over the lifetime of this parliament - go direct to Scotland's priorities of, health, education, and housing."