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ref date:19 Mar 1999 (ECON)
Labour uses civil servants to push tax lies on Scots

The labour party is letting unemployment soar in Scotland compared with the rest of the so called UK.

It will make this situation worse after the Scottish parliament sits by vetoing inward investment if it feels the deal would be too good for the Scots.

The SNP have had the courage to say they wont cut the base rate from 23p to 22p to use the tax collected for Scotland rather than giving it to the treasury in London to squander of some hair brained nonsense like the millennium dome.

Labours Helen (monster raving looney) Liddell said of the SNP "Scottish businesses, like Scottish families, do not want to pay the SNP's tax penalty. They know that under Labour's plans, hard work will be rewarded while investment for schools and hospitals will be increased"
Yes Helen, yes Tony, thats why more Scots businesses are suffering under your London-centric rule and why we have more unemployed than your friends down South

Whats worse is that Labour used supposedly politically neutral Scottish Office (London appointed lackies) civil servants to make this attack on the SNP. This is illegal.

The SNP deputy John swinney said "This is a total breach of the rules by a Government that's panicked by our tax proposals. They have lost all sense of respect for the responsibility they carry for the use of Scottish Office resources"