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ref date:5 Sep 1999 (ECON)
SNP will not withhold tax cuts to Scots

The SNp had the bold idea of NOT taking the 1% cut in the basic rate of income tax offered as a bribe by London to Scottish voters in May and to keep the money in a Scottish controlled coffer to help Scots.

Unfortunately, money talks! Labour has persuaded the poorly informed in Scotland that it can give a tax cut AND increase public spending. This is a lie. Labour is cutting public spending to its lowest EVER levels .

The SNP will have to abandon the policy for now. Given an independent Scotland, it would not be an issue anyway as the Scottish parliament would NOT be subsidising London any longer.

Jack McConnell (Labour finance minister) said: "Given the huge increases in education and health spending planned by the government, the penny for Scotland campaign was always a ludicrous idea."

yes Jack, as ludicrous as you keeping the wraps on the fact we subsidise London by £ millions a year. Too scared the Scots voter will dump the party of the two-faced, ie Labour.