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ref date:24 Mar 1999 (ECON)
Labour RAISED taxes by abolishing mortgage relief

For all the Labour voters in Scotland who think they did well by NOT having to pay more for their pints last week, a study of the budget by independent accountants has shown the scrapping of mortgage interest relief has raised taxes for most people - including trendy Nu-Labour voters!

When they look at this in the cold morning light of tartan tax raises coming due to the Barnett formula changes and London stealing from the Scots to subsidise cuts in the EU rebate its clear LABOUR IS NO CHOICE AT ALL FOR SCOTLAND.

Malcolm Bruce a leading Liberal Democrat said: "To try to pretend today that further cuts in mortgage tax relief are not tax rises is beyond belief. This latest abuse of statistics is a spin too far. It shows just how far this Government is prepared to go to mislead people about taxation"