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ref date:8 Mar 2000 (ECON)
Free oil and gas - no more.

SNP leader Alex Salmond reminded everyone last year of Donald-NuLabour-Dewar's claim last year that oil would remain at $10-$12 a barrel as ludicrous and pointed out it had just reached $30.

Salmond is correct when he says Scotland is losing out by being refused oil revenues while paying the "highest petrol prices in Europe".

Alex went on to say "But Scotland is losing out in two ways. We are denied access to the soaring tax revenues that are going straight into Gordon Brown's Treasury war chest instead of being invested in Scotland's infrastructure and public services. And we are being forced to pay the highest oil prices in Europe as a result of Gordon Brown's fuel prices. The oil industry is a key industrial asset that Labour try to talk down for narrow political purposes. It is vital that control of the revenues is transferred to the Scottish Parliament so that the people of Scotland can benefit from this buoyant resource."

If dumb labour voters in Scotland do not realise they are being robbed blind by London over taxation and theft of oil and gas resources they are without doubt, not dumb nor dumber but dumbest....