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ref date:22 Dec 2000 (ECON)
Tax on cars in city centres probably illegal

The Scottish parliament wants to help curb congestion, so they plan to levy taxes on drivers wishing to enter city centres.

This discriminates against the low paid, giving those wealthy enough to afford it a free run of roads paid for by EVERYONE.

These taxes also are NOT in line with provisions in the act of union 1707 which says any new taxes must be levied in Scotland and England.

Lets see the same tax levied in London AND Edinburgh.

This tax also restricts freedom of movement on those who cannot afford to pay it, even if there are some buses, long distance travel require a car now, more than ever as years of Westminster Labour and Tory neglect have run down our public transport services. What will the low paid do? Queue forever for that bus and train, hope it arrives or doesn't derail, and meanwhile the wealthier members of society afford the fuel tax and the new city driving taxes.

Very equitable I must say.