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ref date:13 Oct 1999 (EU)
Think tank hammers Scottish independence

The authors of Scotland, Britain and Europe - Diplomacy and Devolution, James Mitchell and Graham Leicester, write: "Within a European structure which continues to recognise the primacy of the member state over the regions and territories, Scotland may develop a very effective 'parallel diplomacy' to that of the UK. But even within the context of a union state, there will be strong political and institutional resistance to permitting or recognising the development of 'proto-diplomacy' - a distinctive diplomacy at odds with the interests of the state as a whole."

They can find a high cliff and drop off it any time. Scotland is a sovereign nation within this so called "Union", as is England. The Scots can do what they like, when they like and if that is 'bad' for the "Union", that's too damned bad. Time for the Scots to look after themselves.

Who paid for this 'think tank' report anyway? A lobbyist? The labour party? Lets find out shall we?