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ref date:22 Oct 2000 (HEA)
Scottish council house sell off a rip off

There's nothing wrong with owning your own home, in many cases it leads to some level of pride in its appearance and gardens, but then enter the Nu-Labour ideal, spawned from the Thatcher era of privatise everything you can- enter the council house sell off in Scotland, courtesy of the Labour party.

It turns out that plans to move the council housing stock to 'community ownership' will cost 200m in consultancy fees and legal bills. Wendy Alexander, the housing minister realises how this is going to look. A waste of public money like spiraling new parliament costs, white elephant millennium domes and Englands new football stadium.

A waste of public money, a gimic, moving the blame from LABOUR RUN COUNCILS to the suckers who sign up for 'community ownership'. It's not enough Labour has run most of Scotlands councils for decades and squandered cash on party trivia, implemented Tory poll-tax policy and been useless.