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ref date:7 Nov 1997 (HEA)
Labour wont curb Tobacco

Blairs government uses the 'we'll lose jobs argument' to ensure the continuance of tobacco advertising in formula 1 racing.

Nice of them to consider how many children will see this and play with toys this Christmas that will carry the same logos that may well help them on their way to being nicotine addicts and cancer victims.

Remember Major and the Tories saying that the minimum wage would drive business away? Of course it didn't.

The Health Minister Tessa Jowell has been accused of impropriety regarding the Government's backdown. Unfortunate that Ms Jowell is married to a City lawyer with close links to the formula 1 racing isn't it. No vested interest? Of course not.... Her husband, David Mills, still has strong connections to the Benetton racing team.