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ref date:13 Apr 1999 (SI)
Kosovo a watershed for Scots independence

Whilst NATO argues over the possibilities of sending in ground troops and the Serbians are (quite rightly) hammered from the air, another little step towards self determination is being trampled underfoot by Westminster.

The Scottish parliament may well be filled with Tony Blairs YES men, and Scotland condemned to more countless decades of subservience to London and all because Alex Salmond had the nerve to point out what an incomplete war brought down on Yugoslavia would lead too.

Saddam is still in power because the allies flinched at the last moment, and the will of the people of Iraq is steeled even more than before 'Desert Storm'.

Alex Salmond was right. The Serbs WILL fight harder.

The Serbs/Yugoslavs will NOT cave in because we drop ordinance, they need to be forced to see the error of their ways and then to back out of Kosovo, but it will take ground troops.

But the jingoistic, flag waving low-brows have won the day Clobba Slobba as the SUN said, labours Scottish sheep will keep voting the same way, lost to reality, forsaken of the truth through media spun amnesia and knuckle dragging obedience.

And the losers SCOTLAND and the Kosovars

The Winners, London and Yugoslavia.

Alex Salmond will be proved right, but by then the tide of the millennium mania will cover the Earth and Scotland will sit in its traditional January 1st stupor (which I miss!) and think 'What did we do? Why are WE not free. Where are the Asprins'........