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ref date:27 Jan 1999 (ENV)
Water and business rates and taxes to rise in Scotland

The Tory party privatised water businesses and raised prices for EVERYONE, almost no one made any money from the stock that went with the privatisation.

Business rates (local taxes) were also increased by the Tories and Labour continues to push these ever higher, along with water prices.

labour is anti-Scottish business and pro price hiking by privatised untilities. No one objects to a profit, most object to being ripped off!

Many businesses in Scotland are faced with (local property taxes) rates increases of up to 13.5 per cent. Simultaneously, water prices are set to soar by averages of more than 25 per cent, with people in lower-income households facing the biggest percentage increases.

That's it Scottish Labour Voters Say Baaaaa Baaaaaa Baaaaa