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ref date:13 Dec 1999 (TRA)
Scotland excluded from South East oriented Transport policy

John Prescotts transport policy statement today was as wavering and wishy-washy as the Tories ever were for years under Thatcher and Major. Tory John Redwood mocked Labours attempts to relieve traffic problems in the South East of England , totally blind to the fact 65% of the population of Scotland and England are neglected, and have little to no alterntive BUT to drive wherever they go!

It was South East rhetoric, for the benefit of a minority of the population, with lots of vote casting power.

Rail fares went up in the South East by 4%, and there was a wailing and nashing of teeth and yet millions of Northern English and most Scots have been hammered by ever escalating petrol prices whilst their wages have NOT jumped like those in the South East.

Time for the Scots to see all Westminster wants, Labour and Tory, is Scottish votes, they don't give a dam about the Scottish people or their underfunded transport infrastructure.