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ref date:19 Apr 1999 (SI)
Tories and Labour support each other in Scotland

The Tory party raped Scotland and the Scots for 18 years under Margaret Thatcher.

The Scots hating the right wing have voted Labour for 80 years.

Now Blairs Nu-Tory(Labour) party will accept help from these same Scots hating Tories to get power in Scotland after May 6th if they do not win enough seats - as long as they (labour) dont raise taxes!

Labour may NOT raise taxes directly but they will cut Scottish funding via the Barrnett formula, which will force ANY Scottish government to raise taxes via the 'tartan tax' to cover the London-induced shortfall.

If Scotlands stupid labour voters can't see Blair and Labour for the hollow lying sham it is now, they are going to vote their country into another multitude of decades of subservience to London