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ref date:21 Apr 1999 (ECON)
Independent Scotland better off say Scottish Tories

Well, Blair may have blackmailed the Scottish office into spinning lies about the viability of an independent Scotland, he may have gagged most of his own party, but he cant keep the Tories quiet!

DAVID McLetchie the Scottish Tory leader stated CLEARLy that Scotland could be better off under independence.

SNP deputy leader John Swinney said: "It is a clear admission that Scotland pays her way within the UK."

McLetchie said "We have always said that Scotland has the option of being independent Ö we donít deny that, but we think it would be the wrong decision for Scotland to take."

Oh yes, Thatcher would have had you executed for saying this. At least HE realises the Union (as it it ever was one) is dead and gone. No more little empires for London.