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ref date:1 Oct 1998 (WBA)
Blair attacks SNP - but falls short

Blair has said that he believed the devolved Scottish parliament indeed "defined the settlement" and the status quo for the so called "union" between Scotland and England.

The SNP have said that if they obtain a majority in the new Scottish parliament that they would take this as a mandate to 'dissolve that union'.

Blair replied to this saying: "I don't get into that. I don't think we're going to be in that situation."

Blair also said "Exactly the same intellectual case based on the politics of community can be made for a modern relationship between Scotland and England which is an equal partnership, where we devolve and do things independently of each other when it's sensible to do so, but where we do things together when it's sensible to do so."

This man has such double standards, the hands of the Scottish parliament are bound hand and foot with vetos from Westminster, the DTI and the Scottish Office hanging over EVERY decision the Scots vote on.... that's a very equal partnership - if you believe this is equal you are a fool