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ref date:17 Mar 1999 (EU)
Tories still anti Euro currency

Perhaps everyone has forgotten the days when the ERM struggled to stop currency dealers from destroying major European currencies to make a big profit?

Well, the Euro will amongst many other things, prevent this from happening again.

However, Forsyth, now Sir Michael Forsyth, wants the Scots and English to stop spending tax payers money getting ready to ditch the pound!

Forsyth said, "SNP policies behind the rhetoric amount to nothing more than surrender. Surrender of sovereignty, surrender of economic control, surrender of our freedoms. Now is the hour for all Scots patriots, in all parties and none, to drive them from the field".... yes Michael, valium not strong enough any more....

The gall of the man. The Scots have been subservient to London for three centuries and now that is going to end. The Euro will replace the pound, so the Tories better take a reality check!

London still plans to veto Scottish investment and tell us what we can and cant do in our own country, thats TRUE surrender of sovereignty if stupid Labour voters continue voting as they have done for almost a century in Scotland.