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ref date:9 Oct 1997 (SI)
Bye Westminster - Hello ENGLISH parliament

Michael Ancram, the Tory spokesman on the "British Constitution" (not that there is one in writing) has said that an English parliament may be necessary to balance the powers a new Scottish parliament would have over Scottish affairs.

This English parliament would NOT have any Scottish MPs nor would it deal with anything but English issues.

About time the Union was dissolved anyway.

Ancram also said ""We must ensure that what is done does not provide ammunition for those on either side of the Border who want to see our United Kingdom broken up."

What he really means is that he wants Scotland to keep subsidising Westminster with Scottish oil, gas and high tech tax levies.

He also said "We must also make sure that the ugly spectre of nationalism doesn't spread beyond Scotland. Without wishing to seem alarmist, the Government must realise that if a settlement for Scotland is perceived as being iniquitous or unfair to England, then this will whip up resentment south of the Border that could prove just as dangerous for the Union as any separatist drive engineered by Scottish nationalists."

I think Mr Ancram can find a large cliff and hurl himself from it. The Scots have suffered centuries of inequities under English rule. Why shouldn't we now assert OUR right to self determination, or is that only good enough for tin pot states that Ancram and the like would like to do business with?