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ref date:18 Jun 2001 (SI)
A sad day for Scotland and more to come

It's been over a week since the majority of Scots voted for the London based Labour party again. By doing so they accepted the 27 tax increases Blair has brought since 1997, they accepted that the oil and gas under Scottish waters belongs to Londons treasury, they accepted Londons right to control every aspect of Scotlands life through their instrument, the Labour controlled so called 'Scottish parliament'.

Its sad. Given the solidarity shown by Scotlands Irish neighbours and the success of FIVE other smaller, less wealthy E.U. member states - the Scots voted to be slaves to Londons will, to be the whipped cur at the Londons treasury table, and show less spine than an oil tanker full of slugs into the bargain.

How bluntly must it be pointed out to the Scots population, YOU'VE BEEN HAD.