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ref date:1 Jul 2000 (TRA)
The little Prescott that could

John Prescott, the man who was drenched by the band Chumba-Wumba will spend 40 billion ($64 billion) to increase the number of trains and cut train travel times as the centrepiece of his transport policy.

This sounds great till you realise more people in Scotland already have a high speed rail link to/from Edinburgh and Glasgow and what they need is cheaper cars, lower petrol prices and wider roads!!!

If Prescott EVER came to Silicon Valley in California he would see why. The Valley has little to no public transport, but even the little that exists does not integrate at all with the business parks where people actually work.

People drive here because they have too. It will be the same story in Scotland. A fast train isnt going to get you that last 5 miles into your office or manufacturing plant. Transport integration is the key. Toll roads (with their illegal taxes) and airport taxes are not the answer. But then again, what else would you expect from Nu-Labour i.e. Tories in disguise!