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ref date:19 Apr 1999 (ECON)
Labours ex-Scot Gordon Brown(ose)

It was said by one Union jack waving jingoistic idiot this weekend of Gordon Brown (Blairs erstwhile chancellor) that "England has a better friend in Mr Brown than those who wrap themselves in the flag of Saint George. The Union now has a defender equal to the fight."

Please someone, get me a sick bag!

THE UNION of 1707, forced on Scotland and used to subdue us economically and morally for almost 300 years, yes Gordon you must be very proud to defend it!

Brown replied to his lap dog "As for our social and economic reforms, I think it's important that we show the benefits to Scotland in the jobs we are creating, the new enterprises and industry measures we have developed, and particularly how the welfare to work programme is getting young people into jobs."

Yes Gordon.

Of course Gordon.

Closed shipyards, closed electronics plants, closed traditional industries as you are too frightened of the Americans, a dying Salmon industry, you must be VERY proud of the Union....

Vetoed Scottish inward investment, cuts in public spending... you must be SO proud. Does Tony give you a doggie treat every day....

A does of reality is what you need.

Industrial Decay, below poverty level living in Central must be SO PROUD....