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ref date:13 Aug 1999 (SI)
Liberals to stab Scots in the back

The Liberals sided with Tony Blair and London to form a coalition in Scotland and keep the Scots under Westminsters heel. They did it subject to at least three conditions, or so called liberal morals.

  • [1] That Labour would scrap university tuition fees in Scotland
  • [2] That Labour would introduce proportional representation for the "UK for the next general election
  • [3] That Labour would introduce a TRUE freedom of information act

    Labour have done NONE of the Above

    And now, the new Liberal leader says he will attack the SNP and stand by Blair and his ANTI Scottish Westminster and the puppet parliament in Edinburgh - anything for power eh?

    Charles Kennedy, the new Liberal leader said (in the Scotsman paper) "What we need to think through is the conduct of a general election in which Iím leading the British political party but there is coalition government between us and one of our principal competitors in Scotland.What, therefore, is the potential for us garnering support from those people who hitherto have voted for SNP?
    Iím not entirely sure what case the SNP will make for sending MPs to Westminster now we have a parliament in Edinburgh. And there therefore has to be, I think, a prospect for us to increase our support in the Scottish context almost by definition."

    Kennedys Liberal party has sacrificed their 'principals' to stay in power