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ref date:17 Jul 2000 (SI)
Jim Sillars was right in many ways

Jim Sillars was a left wing labour MP who broke away from London led labour to set up the independent Labour party, and hold true to the non-Tory ideals now so fervently prized by Tony Blair and his Nu-Tories.

In 1992 Jim Sillars lost his election bid in Glasgows Govan (shipyard) seat and said that the Scots there were merely "90 minute patriots"

If the Scots vote for Labour next May he will be vindicated absolutely.

Many of these Labour voters bitch and whine about their poor housing, low wages and rotting public amenities and yet vote Labour, which means London STILL CONTROLS them. Then they stand up and cheer at "Braveheart", head down the pub, and vote Labour again.

Nothing is gained without a fight. All these people need do to prove Jim Sillars wrong is put a cross next to their SNP candidates next May.