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ref date:29 Nov 2001 (HEA)
Huge taxes rises coming to "UK" to fund Health Service?

For once in their miserable lives, the Tory party are correct saying that Blairs plan to raise spending on the national health service to 8% of GDP would just mean more taxes and a NON improved health service.

This plan could mean a 5% tax hike in Scotland and England, and Westminster has already claimed that scotland gets it 8% of GDP for healthcare for everyone living in Scotland, and yet they also admit we have the worst health coverage.

So we can expect to pay more taxes to subsidise England, as usual, and see no more cash for Scotland as we have 'maxed out' to the EU level of 8% GDP already according to London

Perhaps tackling the terrible English and Scottish health attitude would also help! How about banning smoking in all public places and making 'fags' 10 pounds a packet to cut down on WASTED NHS cash being spent on countless cigarette smoking diseases. Of course Mr Blairs party ois ALL in favour of the cancer companies.