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ref date:16 Jan 1998 (EDU)
Scottish Students suffer under labour

Top Scottish financial companies have been called in to fix the "shambolic" handling of grant applications by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Brian Wilson, the Scottish education minister, gave details yesterday of the review which he promised in November.

The Scotsman Newspaper disclosed that almost 2,400 students were still waiting for their grant cheques. Many of these students were said to be living in poverty or had left their courses as they could not feed themselves or pay rent.

This is what university education means to Labour, penalisation and discrimination. The parents of these children have already paid for their university education through high taxes, now Labour, like Tory robs them blind again.

Of course very wealthy parents can subsidise their kids anyway. So the University system becomes for the very wealthy only, even though ALL tax payers pay to keep the universities running.

Labours promised more education- Labours manifesto lie